Mark Hudson, an ICU survivor podcast host, is all too well acquainted with delirium. He has dedicated himself to advocating for fellow patients and survivors to prevent the torture of delirium. He tells it to us straight and guides us towards improvements.

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How does automatically starting continuous sedation right after intubation lead to ventilator acquired pneumonia,hospital acquired infections, diaphragm dysfunction, delirium, failed extubation, reintubation, readmission to the ICU, tracheostomy, PEG tube, prolonged time on the ventilator, and discharge to a care facility for months of rehabilitation?

This case study should forever…

Aron Welsh is a veteran, former physiotherapist, and now ICU delirium survivor.

He tells us the graphic reality of his experience under prolonged deep sedation. Please listen to his episode and check out his book. This truly should be required reading for any ICU provider.

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Jeff Sweat was admitted to a Level 1 trauma center with severe COVID19. Prior to intubation, he assured his family he would text and email them. He was never told he would be deeply sedated. He never would have imagined the journey ahead of him during and after the ICU. Hear him tell his story.

What are the main “treatments” or “tools” to prevent and treat delirium? How can we facilitate “quiet nights” without harming patients with sedation?

Peter Nydahl, RN, MScN, PhD, teaches us how to walk them to sleep.


-Literature Review including 2,500 studies:

List of Current Literature-2021–05–07.docx

Bailey P…

We habitually lie to ourselves AND our patient’s families when the word “sleep” is used reference to sedated patients.

Why is sleep so vital to survival in the ICU?

What prevents our patients from preserving their sanity and cognitive function?

What has COVID19 taught us about the role of sleep…

Walking Home From The ICU

ICU Nurse Practitioner passionate about improving patient care and long term outcomes.

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